Services Offered 

Education Champion seeks to collaborate with you in an effort to create and implement goals for your child's education.  Each of the services offered can be changed to meet the individual needs of your student.  Please call Kim at 309.824.5738 or email at  for more information regarding timelines and fees.  

The following are our basic services, but we seek to champion individually for your family, so if one of these options is not a preferable plan of action for your family, please allow us the opportunity to come up with a workable solution. 

File Review 
IEP Consultant 
Homework Boot Camp
Behavioral Consultant 
Phone or Email Consulation 

IEP File Review 
An EC consultant will review past and current IEP documents, test results, expert recommendations, medical and school correspondences.  She will organize a binder for you and explain how to use it and add to it.  In reviewing the current file and past information, a master document list/timeline and master provider list will be created.  A short EC survey for each parent and student will also be added to the file.  Then, she will write recommendations for the next steps in acheiving success for your child.  No face-to-face meetings are included in this process.  This is a great option for those clients who do not live in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area.  

IEP consultant
An EC consultant will review past and current IEP documents, test results, expert recommendations and school correspondences.  She will organize a binder for you and explain how to use it and add to it.  In reviewing the current file and past information, she include a master document list and a provider list.  As a team; parents, the child (for at least some of the time) and An EC Consultant will sit down and discuss fears, worries, frustrations, challenges, goals, hopes and dreams for the child in order to come up with a plan to address past challenges and hurdles to prepare for the future.  An EC Consultant will observe the child’s interactions at home and if necessary, at school.  The plan will address all frustrations from both the parents and the child in order to see more success in reaching those shared goals. 

It is best to have the file review, family meetings, observations and plan done at least 6 weeks before an IEP (annual review), 3 year review, IEP amendment meeting, transition or termination of services meeting.  An abbreviated process can take place if necessary, but having plenty of time to prepare for a meeting with the school is highly recommended.   An EC Consultant will write necessary letters to school officials, copying the parents, requesting meetings or to be added to the IEP team.  An EC Consultant will meet once more with the family for an IEP prep meeting to put a plan in place for achieving the desired goals in the IEP meeting in order to ensure the child is receiving an appropriate education according to his or her needs. Soon after the IEP meeting, the family team will meet with the EC Consultant in order to determine what steps are necessary for the future.  An EC Consultant will be available for questions and will check in monthly on the family to see what kind of progress is taking place, continuing to plan and act on ensuring the team is working toward the same goal.  As questions and problems arise, an EC Consultant will be available for phone and email consulting.   Families can expect a response within 24 hours.  Should an emergency arise, An EC Consultant will do her best to be physically available for the family, but cannot guarantee availability.

In contracting with EC for IEP consultant position, there will be things you cannot expect.  As EC is just starting, the hours are part-time and flexible.  If you place a phone call, text or email to EC, you can expect an answer within 24 hours during the working week. 

The law, under the Americans With Disabilities Act, 1997, states that all children are entitled to a "free and appropriate education." As an educator and a parent, we often misinterpret this to say "best" education.  That is not the case.  Most educators and parents want the best for each and every child, but sometimes the perceptive of best and appropriate are vastly different.  Part of an IEP consultant’s purpose is to help communicate the desires from both perspectives to help negotiate a solution that works for all involved in the child’s education.  This usually means that the parents do not get everything they want and the school does not either.  There is always give and take, especially in today’s economy where school funds are becoming scarce.   An EC Consultant cannot be held responsible for not getting the parents everything they want for their child’s education. 

Subject Specific Tutoring
Often families find themselves struggling to help a child achieve their potential in a specific subject.  An EC Consultant will do an informal educational assessment and family meeting to create a written plan to help the child achieve their goal.  The plan will include the amount of tutoring recommended for the child to spend in tutoring.  

Homework Boot Camp
Homework often is a nightly struggle.  Students are frustrated, tired and defeated after a challenging day at school, while parents can feel the same way after their day.  Add in a little defiance, educational frustrations and challenges and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  An EC Consultant would love to come to your home to first observe the homework process, interview the parents and child, subsequently put the parents and child(ren) through a bit of a boot camp wherein family specific strategies to improve the process will be designed and taught.  Ideally, the person who is most often responsible for homework supervision and all children would be available for both meetings.  Most often, the initial observation would take place on a school night that typically has a lot of homework during the typical homework completion time, then An EC Consultant would take her observations and create the plan within a week.  She would then come back to the home the following week to present, teach and model the interventions and strategies.  There will be one follow up visit about a month later to see if revisions need to be made.  

Behavioral Consultation
If your child exhibits behaviors at home or at school that are deemed inappropriate or dangerous, you may feel at the end of your rope.  An EC Consultant has extensive background in teaching students with behavioral and emotional disorders.  As a consultant, she would first meet with you to find out what specific behaviors are being exhibited and to discuss past events, fears, hopes and goals.  Then, she would observe the child in whatever environments are challenging.  Be it home, school, social situations, Sunday school, Grandma’s house, swim lessons, etc.  After a complete observation and interview with the workers with whom your child has the most contact, an EC Consultant would share her expertise through making a behavior plan for each situation, meeting with whomever needs to be brought up to speed on the plan. This is a very individualized program as some students would only need support at home or school, and some may need it across all social situations and at home.

Phone and/or Email Consultation
Sometimes families do not have the time to meet with an educational consultant or do not live close enough.  This is where phone or email can work out nicely.  If you find yourself with questions specific to your family’s challenges, shoot an EC Consultant an email or set up a phone meeting.